WordPress on Your Desktop: Studio By WordPress & Other Free Tools

Dreaming of creating stunning WordPress websites but lacking server space? Fear not! This guide unveils the magic of running WordPress right on your desktop. We'll explore Studio by WordPress.com, a free tool for building and testing sites offline, and delve into other cost-effective options to unleash your inner web developer.

Local Development Environments

Local development environments are like having a personal WordPress playground. These programs set up everything a website needs (like a web server and database) right on your computer. This lets you build and test WordPress sites offline, without affecting your live site.

Sujee suggests it's a game-changer for themes and plugins. Try out a fancy new theme without messing up your live site! It's also a safe space to test plugins before activating them.

Desktop WordPress Development Environments

Sujee suggests checking out some WordPress development environments built specifically for WordPress. These are perfect if you're a WordPress-only kind of person. Why? Because they're designed to make working with WordPress a breeze. They come pre-loaded with all the goodies you need to get started, so you can skip the setup steps and focus on what matters: building your awesome website. In Sujee's experience, this saves a ton of time compared to setting up a more general environment from scratch.

Studio By WordPress.com

Sujee always recommends having a safe space to experiment and learn new things. Well, that's exactly what Studio by WordPress.com offers! As someone who dives into WordPress a lot, I've found Studio to be a super helpful tool. It's basically a free program you can download on your computer that acts like a mini WordPress world.


As Sujee recommends, if you're looking for a WordPress-specific environment, check out DevKinsta. This popular tool, created by the folks at Kinsta web hosting, is designed to get you building WordPress sites on your desktop fast. In Sujee's experience, it's a great choice for publishers, SEOs, and developers who just want a simple tool to create WordPress sites.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out with WordPress, DevKinsta can be a great fit. Sujee particularly likes that it includes the latest Gutenberg block editor, so you can play around with the newest features for creating WordPress content.

Local WP

Another popular option for WordPress-focused development is Local by WP Engine. As Sujee recommends, it goes beyond just building and testing sites. Here's why Sujee finds it so useful:

  • Image Optimizer: Sujee loves that Local WP has a free image optimizer built right in. This can be a lifesaver if you're not sure how to optimize images yourself. Smaller images mean a faster website, which is important for keeping visitors happy!
  • Backup to the Cloud: Local WP lets you easily upload backups to services like Dropbox and Google Drive. In Sujee's experience, this is a great way to keep your project safe and sound in case something goes wrong on your computer.
  • Built-in Link Checker: This finds the built-in link checker super handy. It scans your local site for broken links, so you can fix them before they cause problems on your live website. This saves you time and frustration!

Import & Export Magic: This is where Local WP gets really cool. You can import your existing WordPress site into Local, make changes like testing plugins or themes, and then export it back to upload to your live site. It's like having a practice copy of your website!

Experience the Studio by WordPress

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