Awesome Website 2020

Rent your dream website for less than $2/day

Our experienced web developers build it for you

Australian based hosting included

Only cost you less than $2 per day

No contract. Cancel any time

As we have limited resources and to keep the quality of our service we can provide our services to a limited number of eligible Australian businesses. If you are interested please complete our eligibility check and we will get back to you once we get a spot.

Done in 5 easy steps

We have streamlined the process of building an awesome website. Our team made it simple as possible without Cut down all the unnecessary cost involved without compromising the quality of the business.

  • Check the eligibility & place the order
  • Provide website content including the logo, colours, text, pages, inquiry form
  • Our experienced team will build your website
  • Provide the feedback and changes required
  • We will do the final testing and changes required and make the site ready

You can start selling your products and services online.


Do I need to create my website?

No. This is not another DIY website platform.

Our experienced web developers will build the website based on your requirements. We will be gathering requirements, discussing the design to match your branding, developing the website and make it go live.

Usually, this is a service we charge $690 one time cost. Due to the current situation where a small and medium-sized business cannot take the risk of investing in one go, we made this monthly subscription.

Number of pages


No of products


No of categories


Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. Give us a one month notice and we will cancel the subscription for you.Usually, this is a 24 months contract but due to the current market conditions are changing rapidly, we want to make this service flexible for your business. If your business conditions change tomorrow you can exit without any headache.Sounds good check if your business is eligible for this awesome website.


Do I need to get my hosting?

No. Monthly subscription includes hosting. We provided Australian based reliable and optioned hosting for your website to serve your customers. Also, we provide SSL certificate and unlimited bandwidth. The only thing you need to get is your domain name.





Disk space


CPU Limit






SSL Certificate


What's the catch? Why it's so incredibly cheap?

The secret behind giving this incredible offer is cut down the unnecessary cost and optimising the development process. We make sure that you are not paying our office rent, utility bills and expensive development processors.

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