WordPress vs. Wix, Shopify, Squarespace

With the improvement in technology, the usage of the internet got increased. At present most of the personal, business and organizational stuff are done through the internet. It is essential to have a website to get the online community towards any organization. There are several websites developing platforms that are available to create a specific site. There are four most popular options among the web developers for creating a website. They are WordPress, Wix, Shopify, and Squarespace. As it has so many options, it is essential to select the best matching web developing platform for the requirements of users. These web developing platforms can be described and compared as follows.


WordPress is a viral open-source content management system throughout the world. It is well known for its extremely customizable designs, functions, and features. WordPress has the highest design flexibility when compared with other ones. There are millions of themes available, and the user can customize them to develop precisely what he or she wanted.
There is no limit for a user with knowledge on coding in the WordPress. This provides the facility to add plugins. So the users can add any functionalities and features to their website. A professional web developer can perform a limitless number of things in WordPress. Not only a professional, but a beginner also can perform well in WordPress.
WordPress powers more than 27% of blogging websites in the world. To get e-commerce functionalities for a business website, the user can have a separate plugin for that like WooCommerce.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the main factor to consider in web developing platforms. There is much freedom in WordPress when working on SEO. There is no limit to what the user can customize to help the SEO performance on his/her website.
When it comes to the app market, WordPress has the biggest one. A user can pick from over 54,000 plugins to improve the site’s performance. There are so many things that WordPress can do. It is the best platform for developers who have the coding knowledge.

Wix websites

Wix is a commonly used platform by the beginners due to its smooth operation. Wix’s drag and drop editor can support to create websites without knowing to code.
Wix offers more than 500 themes, but its design flexibility is minimal. Users have not given the ability to switch the theme after publishing it once. That is a massive disadvantage in Wix in the design customisation sector.

The SEO ability in Wix is very low. A Wix site will not be able to compete with others well in searching. And also, the user will don’t have the ability to keep a copy of the website. The contents live on this platform.
There are no digital ads, tracking pixels, microdata and have minimal integration with the other services and software. So Wix is not suitable for the professional web developers because of these boundaries.


By using Shopify, you can make e-commerce websites very quickly. Shopify is one of the best e-Commerce platforms available now. It is easy to design a selling website in Shopify. It includes almost all the tools and features required for a selling site. Shopify is also an inventory management system. Another problem with Shopify is that you have to pay money for them every month.
The primary and most significant disadvantage in Shopify is, this has not made for regular websites. Shopify is strictly an e-commerce platform. It is useless to have Shopify if the user is not selling any product.
In Shopfyuser doesn’t own the site. Shopify uses language Liquid to build some dynamic contents. So the user will need a web designer familiar with Liquid to work on that.


Squarespace is designed to help the creative to build their websites and show their capabilities. This platform is very popular due to its stunning templates, quality features and excellent customization. The design and flexibility are very high due to these quality templates. It provides better value for money with its quality services.
Even though many web developing platforms available, one cannot use all of them for any kind of purpose. As described above, some platforms are suitable only for specific purposes. But it changes when it comes to WordPress. When compared with the other platforms, WordPress has the highest ability to customise anything according to the user.
If the user is willing to customize themes, features, functionalities and add plugins, WordPress allows doing so. A website should have the ability to change anytime according to the user requirement.

WordPress is a beast gives you the freedom to build your dream website. Thousands of plugin options to add functionality can be daunting. With experienced developer and proper guidance, you can build an awesome website for your business.

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