WordPress Releases A Performance Plugin For “Near-Instant Load Times”

Attention WordPress website owners! Good news! Struggling with slow loading times? WordPress just released a new official plugin promising "near-instant" page loads. But before you jump in, let's explore what this plugin does, how it works, and some key things to consider.

Speculative Loading

Sujee has found a cool feature in the Forminator plugin that can take website loading speed to the next level: speculative loading. Imagine you're browsing a website and hover your mouse over a link. Normally, there's a wait as the website loads that new page when you click it. Speculative loading is like having a super-powered browser that predicts which page you might visit next! Here's the twist: Sujee suggests the plugin starts loading that page in the background, even before you click! This way, when you do click the link, the new page appears almost instantly – a much smoother browsing experience. Sujee recommends trying out a website with speculative loading to feel the difference in speed!

Performance Lab Plugin

Sujee thinks this is a game-changer for website owners who crave the fastest possible browsing experience. The Performance Lab plugin, developed by the official WordPress performance team, lets you be an insider! It offers a chance to Sujee suggests trying out new features before they become part of WordPress itself. Think of it as getting a sneak peek at the future of website speed and giving your visitors a lightning-fast experience.

By default, the plugin focuses on prerendering the most common website sections, like pages, posts, and archive pages. But that's not all! Sujee suggests diving into the settings under "Settings > Reading > Speculative Loading" This allows you to fine-tune how the plugin works for your specific website. You can customize which pages are pre-rendered to optimize the process for your unique needs. Sujee recommends experimenting with the settings to find the perfect balance for your website's speed and efficiency.

Browser Compatibility

Wondering if your browser can handle the Performance Lab plugin's magic? The core tech, the Speculative API, works with Chrome 108 and up. But to unlock all the plugin's features, Sujee suggests you need Chrome 121 or higher (released early 2024). No worries though, if your browser isn't compatible, the plugin just sits quietly in the background and your website will work as usual.

How Analytics Handles Prerendering?

Website tracking can get tricky! Sujee here to shed light on how analytics tools handle prerendering. A question arose about how Google Analytics, for example, would count these prerendered pages. Sujee suggests remembering that it's up to the analytics provider to be smart about these situations. They need to differentiate between real visits and prerendered pages to avoid skewing your website data. That way, you get an accurate picture of your website traffic.

Possible Conflict With Ad Blocker Extensions

Sujee here with a friendly warning! The Performance Lab plugin is pretty cool, but there are a few things to consider besides needing Chrome 121 or higher. A WordPress developer chimed in that this feature might not work smoothly with some ad blockers, especially the popular uBlock Origin extension.

Sujee suggests keeping this in mind if you use one. You might need to disable it temporarily to test the plugin's speed benefits. It's all about finding the sweet spot for speed without disrupting your browsing habits. Just remember to re-enable your ad blocker afterwards!

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