OpenAsset Launches WordPress Plugin for AEC Marketers

OpenAsset Launches WordPress Plugin for AEC Marketers

Great news for AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) marketers who use WordPress! OpenAsset, a leading digital asset management (DAM) platform, has launched a new WordPress plugin designed to make your life easier.

The plugin essentially acts as a bridge between your OpenAsset account and your WordPress website. Sujee sees this as a game-changer for managing all your AEC project content in one place. Let's dive into the details and see how this plugin can supercharge your workflow.

Key Benefits of the OpenAsset WordPress Plugin

The OpenAsset WordPress plugin offers several advantages that can save you time and frustration:

  • One Central Hub for All Your Assets: Imagine having a single source of truth for all your project photos, videos, employee bios, and other website content. That's what the OpenAsset plugin provides. As Sujee has experienced, managing content across different platforms can get messy and lead to inconsistencies. For example, you might have an outdated project description on your website while the latest version sits in your email drafts. The OpenAsset plugin eliminates that problem by keeping everything organized within OpenAsset. This ensures all project information, visuals, and even employee profiles are readily available and can be easily accessed for website updates.
  • Goodbye to Manual Updates: Constantly updating project information and visuals on your website can be a tedious task. The OpenAsset plugin streamlines this process. Once you make changes in OpenAsset, they're automatically reflected on your website with just a few clicks. This saves Sujee a ton of time and ensures all website content stays up-to-date. Imagine spending hours manually updating project details and photos on your website – that's time you could be dedicating to more strategic marketing initiatives. With the OpenAsset plugin, these updates become a breeze.
  • Non-Technical Website Management: Sujee isn't a coder, and thankfully, you don't need to be one to use this plugin. The OpenAsset interface is user-friendly, allowing you to manage and publish content directly from your WordPress dashboard. This empowers marketers to take control of their website without relying on developers for every update. Simple drag-and-drop functionality and intuitive menus make it easy to select the project information and visuals you want to showcase on your website. This frees up developers' time to focus on more complex website tasks while allowing marketers to maintain a fresh and engaging online presence.
  • Real-Time Consistency: Ensuring consistency across all your website content is crucial for maintaining a professional brand image. The OpenAsset plugin helps you achieve this by making sure the information and visuals displayed on your website are always in sync with your OpenAsset library. In Sujee's experience, this consistency builds trust with website visitors. Imagine a potential client visiting your website and seeing outdated project information or blurry photos. That wouldn't leave a great impression, right? The OpenAsset plugin ensures your website consistently reflects the high quality of your AEC firm's work.

In addition to these core benefits, the OpenAsset WordPress plugin also promotes increased collaboration and improved efficiency within your AEC firm. By centralizing your content in OpenAsset, everyone on your team, from architects and engineers to marketing and proposal specialists, can access and share project information seamlessly. This eliminates the need for emailing files back and forth or searching for the latest version of a document. The plugin creates a single source of truth, ensuring everyone is working from the same page and can easily find the information they need.

Overall, the OpenAsset WordPress plugin is a valuable tool for AEC marketers looking to streamline their workflow, improve website management, and maintain a consistent brand presence. Whether you're a small firm or a large enterprise, the plugin can help you save time, improve efficiency, and showcase your AEC projects in the best possible light. Sujee highly recommends checking out the OpenAsset website to learn more about this plugin and see how it can benefit your AEC firm.

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